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David Adsit

#1 has to be The Legend of Zelda. I currently use original Zelda clips for all the audio notifications on my cell phone, and as soon as I find a port of the game to Android, I will buy it.

#2 is Final Fantasy. I love that game. I have played through that game over and over.

#3 is Tetris. This is the only game I had for my GameBoy for ages and I loved it.

I remember hours spent on Mario and Metroid, but they didn't capture my imagination like Zelda and FF. I never think, "I should find a way to play Metroid."

Well, I'm off to the Android Market for a NES emulator. See you all later.

Cleric St. Reliable

I agree. Dragon Warrior and the first Zelda were important to me, on a deep spiritual level. So was the early D&D computer game Pool of Radiance... so good!


We didn't have a computer until I was around 15 so I completely missed a huge chunk of great computer games. It is also why I will always favor the console. Video games with out a controller has never felt right to me.

I know husband played all the old DnD computer games and loves them to pieces. Something about "go for the eyes, Boo"?

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