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I do some pretty geeky stuff with my computers


I respectfully disagree. A person who passionately pursues knowledge in any field is a geek for that field. You can be a "Twilight geek" if you exhibit extreme passion for that subject. That is what the third definition that you offered is all about.

But just for the record - vampires kill you for food, do not sparkle, and burn like the rash a sailor gets from a $2 hooker when exposed to sunlight.



Steve, It's what you are doing with the computers that makes the geeky, not just the owning.

Sinister Forces, I would actually have to agree. But the important phrase you used was "a person who passionately pursues knowledge". In my book, if you are not actively and passionately pursuing, it doesn't count. Hence, owning a computer doesn't make you a geek, but what you do with that computer very well might.

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